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Some Final Thoughts

Told you that last post wouldn’t be my last! As I’m sitting on the plane heading back home and to reality I thought I would write down some of the things I want to remember about Ghana and this trip. First of all, I woke up at the Amsterdam airport and really wanted to buy … Continue reading

The Final Hoorah

Although this is my “wrap-up” blog post, it may not be my final blog entry. As I write this post, it’s crazy to think that my time in Ghana has already come and gone. I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported me (financially and emotionally) on this adventure. … Continue reading

Back to Accra – Last Weekend in Ghana

Time is a funny thing. When things are slow, your counting the minutes as they pass. But just when you are about to run out of it, you’re desperate for more. With only a few days left in Ghana I am definitely wishing I had a bit more time here. There’s still so much I … Continue reading

Osenasi – Another Sappy Story brought to you by Emily Royer :)

Day 3 is when the real road trip began. Myself, Samuel, Dan and Paul travelled to the town of Osenasi to attend the local YMCA branch meeting. Osenasi is in the mountains and is about a 3-hour drive from Koforidua. It’s actually not too far from Koforidua but the road is really bad and the … Continue reading

Koforidua and Around

Day two of the ultimate Ghanaian road trip took us around Koforidua. Although I did not spend too much time in Koforidua, I am a really big fan… I don’t want to play favourites but I think I like Koforidua more than Takoradi. It is in the mountains, covered in beautiful greenery and…. Cold!!!! Well … Continue reading

The Mampong School for the Blind and Deaf

Unfortunately I do not have anything exciting to report from the weekend, as it was spent primarily working on my strategy document. But my work-filled weekend was more than made up for by my week! In an effort to implement some of my marketing and communication strategy before leaving Ghana, I tagged along for a … Continue reading

Crunch Time

With only two weeks left in my project, I have really gotten down to crunch time. Now that I have compiled as much information as I can in the span of time I have, I sat down to write a strategy document. One of my biggest challenges has been narrowing down the focus of the … Continue reading

Blackouts, Water Shortages, and Bugs, Oh My!

This past Wednesday was Ghana’s 56th Independence Day! Independence Day is a National Holiday so with the day off work I was finally able to explore the huge market that Accra has to offer. Independence Day celebrations included school children marching, flags everywhere (the Ghananian colors of red, yellow and green are painted on virtually … Continue reading

Greetings from Ghana!

I’m sure ‘Greetings from Ghana’ is the title almost everyone who is traveling/working in Ghana starts their blog with… so I figure why re-invent the wheel! I have been in Ghana for three weeks now – seems crazy how fast time has gone. I would say my first few weeks have had many ups and … Continue reading